Highburgh's Heroes

Adventures of MissFortune

Revenge of the Serenade

Part I

It’s a great day for Highburgh! Come down to the New Deli Deli to meet the one and only Highburgh Heroes ! One day only!

Fresh off their success in the Forever Eclipse, the Highburgh Heroes are taking an opportunity to help out Mr. Deli, of New Deli Deli by signing autographs and drawing a crowd to his store. But evil is afoot! The dastardly accountant John Smith has decided to rob New Deli Deli, on Hero’s Day! Our intrepid heroes were able to thwart the efforts of John Smith, and meet a new hero, Brimstone.

John Smith was not what he appeared to be, all across Highburgh, average day citizens are committing acts of robbery. All day our heroes fought to stop this mysterious crime wave.
That night our heroes received the full extent of the crime wave.
“In grim news today, a serious crime wave had hit Highburgh. Over 10,000 individual robberies were performed across the city. Detective Debrowski of the Highburgh PD had this to say.” said the newscaster.
“Yeah we’re on it!” said Debrowski.

Over the next couple of days the Highburgh Heroes juggled between discovering the source of the mysterious crime wave while battling an ever-growing threat to the city. First, it was ordinary citizens, then ninjas, now demonic cultists. As fire, brimstone, and ninja stars fly all around our heroes, how will they track down and put a stop to the nefarious Serenade?!?

Part II

It’s not a great day for Highburgh! Demon portals have opened across the city. Lucky for us average citizens, the Highburgh Heroes are here to save the day!…

Dear God! Did Paladin just get sent through a building?!?

Over the next few days, our heroes have faced cultists, Yang Ninjas, Yin Ninjas, and countless enthralled citizens.

  • Heroes discovered that Slider [Nierou] is the Avatar of Yin
  • Heroes discovered that Teng (Slider’s Brother) is the Avatar of Yang
  • The Axis of Evil have created a base of operations in another portal using the west wing of the Pinewood Penitentiary
  • The Heroes dismantled most of the Demon Cult of the Bay, but some elements still exist, and they are seeking to open portals to Hell.
  • The Heroes were able to track Serenade to the docks, where he was trying to recruit more thrawls.
  • The followed Serenade to the Opera House where an epic battle between Yin Ninjas, Yang Ninjas, Thrawls, and Cultists.
    *In the end, our Heroes were triumphant and Serenade was taken into custody… or was he…


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