Sid the Stranded Inter Galactic Traveler


Power Points: 6
Hero Point: 1

Group Highburgh Heroes Base of Operations Highburgh Power Level 10
Power Points Abilities: 10 Powers: 92 Advantages: 8 Skills: 16 Defences: 30
Strength -1 Agility 0 Fighting 0 Awareness 2
Stamina 0 Dexterity 3 Intellect 2 Presence -1

Initiative: 0

Defences Total Ranks
Dodge 8 8
Parry 8 8
Fortitude 8 8
Toughness 10 0
Will 8 6
SKILLS Total Ranks
Deception 0 1
Expertise (Science) 10 8
Perception 8 6
Technology 12 10
Treatment 5 3
Vehicles 6 3
Advantage Description
Percise Attack Ranged, Concealment and Cover
Improvised Tools
Equipment 3 5 points of equipment / rank
Immunity Vacuum Innate
Immunity Radiation Innate
Immunity Starvation and thirst Innate
Immunity Does not breath Innate
Regeneration 5 Ranks Persistent, Innate
Healing 8 Ranks Others Only, Empathic Healing, Persistent, Innate
POWERS Technological (Tolcian)
Wrist Mounted Personal Teleportation Device TP 11, Accurate, Turnabout, Removable, Change Direction, Change Velocity, Increased Mass Rank 3 (400 lbs)
Entropy Belt 10 Ranks not-a-Forcefield, Removable, Sustained
Auto Targeting Ray Gun Attack 5 Penetrating 5, Accurate 5, Increased Range 2, Easily Removable
Cultural Adaptation Hat Morph 2, Removable Sustained
Universal Translator Comprehend 3, Removable Sustained
Offence Attack Range Damage Note
Ray Gun +13 Perception 5 Penetrating 5
Other Equipment Notes
Team Comms Four Full Sets

Alien: numerous cultural differences sometimes make it difficult for SID to relate with the inhabitants of Earth.

Motivation: Sid has become enamored with Superheroes. He always is trying to answer the impossible question WWCD [what would champion do?], but with an alien twist.

Enemy: Sid acquired his technology by stealing it from his former charge. Sid was once the personal physician for the son of a captain of a galactic crime syndicate, the Tolce Imperium. Needless to say there might be a bounty on him.

Base Features Rank Note
Huge Base 3 Cave complex in mines under town map (coming soon)
Power System 1 Off grid power
Communication System 1 Gets every TV channel, and can listen to police radios
Living Space 1 Suitable of sustaining 10 people
Security 3 DC 30 Technology checks to bypass locks
Secret 2 DC 25 to find the base
Laboratory 1 Good for experiments
Computer 1 Records TV for later view, and flag broadcasts
Teleporter 3(11) Extended, Extended Only, Easy, Others Only, Increased Weight 6 (3200 lbs)

Sid’s race, known only as the Forgotten, is an ancient and obscure people. Some legends say that they watched the big bang, but who believes in legends? Stories of explorers finding small colonies of these mossy like creatures residing on comets are becoming extremely rare. The Forgotten can survive in a vacuum and are nourished by various form of radiation. With natural healing abilities this almost extinct race was once hunted for medicinal purposes.

Sid spent the majority of his existence caring for sick child. This child happened to be the son of high level member of a criminal syndicate, and Sid’s services were not voluntary. As the child grew he needed Sid’s services less and less, until one day Sid realized that the child, now a young adult was cured. It was then that Sid decided to borrow some well-earned Tolcian equipment and search for his place in the universe.

While gallivanting around the galaxies Sid had a minor incident that lead to his personal teleportation device being damaged while trying to escape from some mysterious urgent threat. Upon arriving and “blending in” with the people of earth Sid has become completely obsessed with superheroes (huge fanboy of all of them especially of the ones he has never heard of). Now trying to live up to the example set by his idol, Champion, Sid ventures forth to halt the advances of evil doers.


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