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  • Axis of Evil

    The Axis of Evil are a supervillain team. Their members include: * [[:the-scout-master | The Scout Master]] * [[:crosstrainer | Crosstrainer]] * [[:serenade | Serenade]]

  • The Scout Master

    The Scout Master is the ring leader of the Evil Scout Troupe. Their goal is to take control of the entire world, and make it a worse place to live. They have adopted the Scouting organization's structure and teachings as the basis of their organization, …

  • Crosstrainer

    Once the proud owner of Buff n Tuff, a semi successful gym in Highburgh, Peter Goodman's gym was bought out by Globogym, the most profitable and successful gym in the world. Outraged, the Goodman snapped. He now wages a one man war against Globogym and …

  • Serenade

    Not much is known of Serenade's background, though his MO can be traced back for years. Serenade likes to embed himself into prominent opera performances, then use his hypnotic powers of singing to rob all the patrons of their valuables. Everyone leaves …

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