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Precognitive Martial Artist




Power Level 10
Power Points Abilities:34 Powers:52 Advantages:34 Skills:43 Defences:12 Total:170
Strength 2 Agility 5 Fighting 3 Awareness 3
Stamina 2 Dexterity 3 Intellect 0 Presence -1

Initiative: 9
Speed: 0 (30ft.)

Offence Attack Range Damage Notes
Unarmed 15 Close 5 Melee
Defences Rank
Dodge 15
Parry 15
Fortitude 5
Toughness 5
Will 10
Advantages Description
Agile Feint Use Acrobatics bonus or movement speed rank in place of Deception.
Assessment You’re able to quickly size up an opponent’s combat capabilities.
Equipment You have 5 points per rank in this advantage to spend on equipment.
Defensive Attack Trade attack bonus for active defense bonus.
Defensive Roll +1 active defense bonus to Toughness per rank. Rank 3
Fast Grab Make a free grab check after an unarmed attack.
Grabbing Finesse Substitute Dex for Str when making grab attacks. 3
Improved Critical +1 to critical threat range with an attack per rank. 19-20
Improved Disarm No penalty for the disarm action.
Improved Grab Make grab attacks with one arm. Not vulnerable while grabbing.
Improved Hold –5 circumstance penalty to escape from your holds.
Improved Initiative +4 bonus to initiative checks per rank.
Improved Trip No penalty for the trip action.
Instant Up Stand from prone as a free action.
Jack of all Trades Use any skill untrained.
Language (Chinese)
Luck Once per round, you can choose to re-roll a die roll, including adding 10 to re-rolls of 10 or less Rank 5
Move-by Action Move both before and after your standard action.
Power Attack Trade attack bonus for effect bonus.
Precise Attack Ignore attack check penalties for either cover or concealment. Rank 2
Prone Fighting No penalties for fighting while prone.
Set-Up Transfer the benefit of an interaction skill to an ally.
Trance Go into a deathlike trance that slows bodily functions.
Uncanny Dodge Not vulnerable when surprised or caught off-guard.
Weapon Bind Free disarm attempt when you actively defend.
Well-Informed Immediate Investigation or Persuasion check to know something.
Powers Description
Sense: Precognition Sense future events within seconds – When in trance visions of the future occur Rank 4
Luck Control (Side Effect) You can spend a hero point or use Luck on another character’s behalf; Force someone else to re-roll – You can spend one of your hero point or uses of the Luck advantage to negate someone else’s use of a hero point, use of their Luck advantage, or a Game-master-imposed complication (at the GM’s discre-tion). The latter also eliminates the complication, however, so no hero points are awarded for it Rank 2Spend on another’s behalf; Force someone else to re-roll
Quickness You can perform routine tasks—anything that can be done as a routine check – fast, perhaps very fast. Rank 2
Enhanced Dodge Rank 10
Enhanced Fighting Rank 10
Damage (Unarmed Strike) Effect: Damage • 1 point per rank
You inflict additional damage in close combat. Toughness vs. [Damage rank + 15] Rank 3
Affliction You can impose some debilitating condition or conditions on a target by making a close attack. You set the conditions your Affliction causes at each degree when you acquire it and they may not be changed. Rank 5
Skills Attribute Rank Check Bonus
Acrobatics Agility 10 +15
Athletics Strength 10 +12
Close Combat: Unarmed Fighting 2 +5
Deception Fighting 8 +11
Insight Awareness 8 +11
Intimidation Presence 0 -1
Investigation Intellect 4 +4
Perception Awareness 8 11
Persuasion Presence 0 -1
Ranged Combat: Throwing Dex 6 +9
Sleight of Hand Dex 8 +11
Stealth Agility 8 +13
Technology Intellect 4 +4
Treatment Intellect 4 4
Vehicles Dex 6 9
Descriptor Power Effects
Equipment Description Cost
Motorcycle Strength 1 Speed 6 Defense 10 Toughness 8 Cost 10
Power Points 16 Hero Points 1 Luck 5



Nierou and his brother Teng grew up in China town of Highburgh, they attended the local school and because it was mostly Chinese . Their father, a factory worker was a quiet unassuming blue collar worker. He worked 14 hours a day 7 days a week at the factory and seldom saw his Sons. His mother stayed at home and raised him and occasionally cleaned houses for extra income.

One night when Nierou was 9 he was fast asleep and having what he thought was a nightmare. In this nightmare he could see his apartment on fire, Teng and himself standing outside of his place watching it burn and hearing their parent’s screams. When he awoke from the dream in a cold sweat he looked around and everything seemed fine. Nothing was on fire and he couldn’t smell anything and he quickly started to drift back to sleep. Just as he was he heard the smoke alarm go off. He ran to save his parents but the fire had already moved to the hallway. They had no choice but to retreat to his room and eventually out the fire escape. They stood outside in stunned silence hearing the last sounds his parents would ever make, burning into his memory forever.

He has never forgiven himself nor will he ever for not acting on his vision. He’s had visions since and knows now to act on them.

Living on the streets for years they were lived on the streets for years taking care of little brother and eventually got caught by Sifu when shoplifting one day a man stopped and offered them some food. That man’s name was Sifu Wen, Sifu took them in and being a martial arts master, taught him everything he knew about Wushu. Aware of Nierou’s gifts he taught him to use the gift while fighting and to see greater distances through meditation. Sifu owned the local grocery store and they lived above it in an apartment. After finishing school, something Sifu made him do, he started working at the store.

Nierou looks out for Teng, in what Teng would describe as an over protective way. He failed once to save his parents and he was determined to never make the same mistake again. Teng also trained under Sifu and is an exceptional martial artist as well. Teng got more of his mother’s traits and is much more outgoing and adventurous then Nierou.

One day walking home he witnessed a man getting mugged, or rather he foresaw it. From the beating the man took, Nierou couldn’t do nothing, he had to help. For whatever reason Nierou always found him self in situations where he had to intervene, as if their was some cosmic power that made it so. He didn’t personally believe in anything so intangible but he had to admit that something was happening.

Sifu once told Nierou a fantastic tale, one that seems to be coming true…

Long ago, at the dawn of humanity, the great forces of Yin and Yang were merged together and took the form of a great beast. The beast hated humanity and waged a horrific war to wipe them off the planet. The the last climatic battle, two friends, and powerful mystics, sacrificed themselves to siphon off the great beasts energies and merge them with their own bloodlines. As a result the power of Yin would manifest itself in the chosen ancestor of the Yin Clan, and the power of Yang would manifest itself in the chosen ancestor of the Yang Clan. The powers of Yin were of the calm, calculating, and logical understanding of everything around them. The Yin chosen would be able to see the future, manipulate other’s feelings, and understand how everything needed to be in balance. A prophecy was foretold, that the great beast would return if the two energies were ever mixed, and as such the two clans made a pact to never allow two of their own to join. The powers of Yang were of passion, emotion, and changing energy. The Yang chosen would be able to manipulate the world around them, call on the emotions of others to fuel their power, and act as the agent of change and progress.
Over the years the two clans fully adopted the primal nature of Yin and Yang, and began to oppose each other. This developed into a bitter rivalry, and then eventually into war. Near the climax of the clandestine war two ninja, one from each clan, fell in love. Despite knowing their love was heretical and cursed, the two consecrated their love, and gave birth two sons. In fear the sons were spirited away before their true nature could be discovered, but their parents suffered their inevitable fate and were killed (each by their own clan). The Yang clan used this incident to attack and wipe out all the leaders of the Yin clan, and enslave the remaining Yin clan.
The two sons grew up knowing their parents fate, but not truly understanding that they were the first true mergers of the Yin and Yang clans. If one of the brothers is chosen by both the Yin and Yang powers, they will become the conduit for the great beast, and the sion of humanity’s eventual destruction…

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