Super soldier, team leader




Group Highburgh Heroes Base of Operations Highburgh Power Level 10
Power Points Abilities:46 Powers:49 Advantages:13 Skills:32 Defences:10
Strength 3 Agility 7 Fighting 5 Awareness 4
Stamina 3 Dexterity 7 Intellect 1 Presence 3

Initiative: 11

Offence Attack Range Damage Notes
Energy Rifle +13 175/350/700 7 Genetic Safety (Feature)
Concussion Grenade +13 125/300/600 5 Area (30ft)
Taser +13 16/40/80 - Affliction 7: Dazed, Stunned, Incapacitated
Unarmed +9 Close 3
Defences Rank
Dodge 10
Parry 10
Fortitude 4
Toughness 10 (8 without Defensive Roll)
Will 4
Advantages Description
Agile Feint Use Acrobatics for Feint
Assessment Can size up an enemy’s capabilities
Defensive Roll 2 Adds to Toughness
Equipment 5 Gives 25 equipment points
Improved Initiative +4 Initiative
Leadership Spend Hero Point to remove ally condition
Skill Mastery (Acrobatics) Can take always take Routine Checks
Teamwork +5 Bonus when doing Aid actions
Precise Attack Ranged, No Cover, No Concealment
Tracking Track using infravision
Skills Attribute Rank Check Bonus
Acrobatics Agility 8 +15
Athletics Strength 8 +11
Close Combat (Unarmed) Fighting 4 +9
Expertise (Covert Ops) Intellect 6 +7
Insight Awareness 6 +10
Investigation Intellect 10 +11
Perception Awareness 6 +10
Persuasion Presence 10 +11
Ranged Combat (Energy Rifle) Dexterity 6 +13
Stealth Agility 8 +15
Technology Intellect 6 + 7/+16
Descriptor Power Effects
Energy Rifle Damage 7, Ranged, Genetic Safety (Feature), Easily Removable
Concussion Grenade Damage 5, Ranged, Area
Taser Ranged, Affliction 7 (Dazed, Stunned, Incapacitated), Diminished Range 3
Stealth Suit Concealment (All Visual), Blending, Passive, Immunity (heat, cold), Removable
Gene Enhanced Body Immunity (All Fatigue), Protection 5, Enhanced Agility 5, Enhanced Dexterity 5
Bionic Grapple Movement (Swinging), Enhanced Movement 4 (500ft, 30mph)
Bionic Eyes Senses: Extended Visual, Infravision, Low-Light; Precise Attack: Ranged, Cover, Concealment
Hacker Nanites Enhanced Technology 9, Limited: Electronic devices, delivered at touch range
Equipment Description Cost
Utility Belt Array 22
Flash Bangs Affliction 5 (Visual, Auditory), Resisted by Fort, Impaired, Disabled, Unaware, Ranged, Burst Area 20
EMP Grenade Damage 6, Ranged, Burst Area (60 ft), Affects Electronics Only 1
Thermal Smoke Concealment (All Visual), Ranged, Burst Area, Affects Others 1
Mini-Tracer Tiny radio transmitter, DC 20 to notice, 2 mile range
Commlink Radio communicator 1
Cell phone Who’s calling? 1
Power Points 9 Hero Points 1
Complications Description
Peace, Justice, Freedom Sentinel has seen what the world is like when things go bad, he will do everything he can to preserve and uphold these values
Loose Ends What happened the day he entered this timeline? Did anyone else come with him, or are they here in a different form? Sentinel is particularly wary of anyone or anything that hints that his timeline is returning and will do anything to stop it.
Lost Time Sentinel is not from this timeline of Earth, so a great deal of cultural references or nuances will go over his head.


Change Points Used
Added Enhance Movement to Swinging 4
Added Precise Attack (Ranged, Concealment) 1
Increased Persuasion 1
Added Hacker Nanites 3
Increased Investigation 3
Increased Persuation 3
Added Tracking 1

Brandon Carpenter is from an alternate timeline of Earth where the Cold War has never ended, but continued to escalate. Large “power blocks” of nations are constantly grabbing for more power and exerting their influence wherever they can. Certain “hot spots” have erupted into open fighting with devastating results, such that all parties are continually wary of open, wide-spread, warfare. As such, there is a constant arms race where each of the major power blocks attempts to create the ultimate super weapon(s) that will give them an advantage.

Brandon Carpenter, code named Sentinel, is one of those weapons. Every power block has their own super soldier program where they train elite agents for espionage, sabotage, assassination, or any mission deemed important. Sentinel was created to adapt to whatever the mission required, and equipped with all the best tools to get the job done.

It was on one of those missions, the fateful Operation Linchpin, that changed his life forever. He and his team, from the Anglo-Germanic block, were tasked with finding, and capturing or destroying a rumored new super weapon or device in development by the rival Pan-Hispanic block. The project was masterminded by Dr. Tamez Sotelo and, as far as Brandon could tell, had something to do with manipulating time or alternative realities. The device was heavily guarded by Dr. Sotelo’s most nefarious creations, and Brandon lost several of his team in the process. In one last desperate fight, Brandon managed to reach the device and (he thinks) disable it. There was a blinding flash of light. Then nothing.

Sentinel now finds himself in HIghburgh in an entirely different kind of world. He is fairly sure that the device brought him here somehow, but doesn’t know if it was because he destroyed it, or if it worked, or just malfunctioned. All he does know is that this Earth is better than the one he left. There are no wars, arms races, or power blocks – people have peace and freedom. As Sentinel, Brandon aims to keep it that way. His only regret is Anna. Anna Hobbs, his one true love, is in that other time. Is she alive there? Is she alive here? Brandon doesn’t know, but he knows for the greater good he must defend this world to prevent the one he came from from ever happening.

Supporting Characters

Rachel Dunmore – a reporter, the first to write a story about Sentinel as a new super hero in town; the two have frequent contact and exchange information but only knows him as Sentinel; she has feelings for him that she hasn’t expressed, he doesn’t know

Frank Zambrana – a friend, got Brandon his civilian job as a security guard, only knows his civilian identity


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