Warrior, soldier, hero?




Group Highburgh Heroes Base of Operations Highburgh Power Level 10
Power Points Abilities:8 Powers:100 Advantages:6 Skills:27 Defences:12
Strength 2(10) Agility 2 Fighting 2(7) Awareness -2
Stamina 2(10) Dexterity 0 Intellect -2 Presence 0

Initiative: Agility + Advantages + Powers = 2+0+32 = 34

Offence Ability Skill Total Damage Bonus Total
Sword 7 0 7 10 3 13
Unarmed 7 0 7 10 0 10
Rifles 0 4 4 ? 0 ?


Dodge Agility 2
Parry Fighting 7
Fortitude Stamina 20
Toughness Stamina 10(12)
Will Awareness 0

Speed = +8

Advantages Ranks Description
All-out-Attack 1 -DF;+Att (max 5)
Power Attack 1 -Att;+Eff (max 5)
Takedown 2 “Great Cleave”, max move = speed
Interpose 1 Step in way of attack on ally
Equipment 1 5 Cost
Skills Attribute Level
Acrobatics Agility 12
Athletics Strength 20
Close Combat (Unarmed) Fighting 7
Close Combat (Sword) Fighting 7
Expertise (Military) Intellect 8
Intimidation Presence 6
Perception Awareness 8
Persuasion Presence 6
Ranged Combat (Assault Rifles) Dexterity 4
Ranged Combat (Carbine) Dexterity 4
Stealth Agility 4
Powers & Devices Ranks Description
Super-speed 8 See below
Enh Init 0 +32 Init
Quickness 0 -8 Time rank
Speed 0 +8 Speed rank
Enh Str 8 +8 Str
Enh Sta 8 +8 Sta
>Impervious 10 Ignore 5 Damage
Enh Fight 5 +5 Fight
Immunity 1 Aging
Immunity 1 Sleep
Regeneration 5 Regain 5 Tough/Min
>Persistent 5 Heal ANY damage
Protection 2 +2 Toughness
Equipment Description Cost
Costume Paladin Halloween Costume 0
Backup Costume Knight Bunnyhug 0
Sword Damage 3, slashing, Crit 19-20 4
Power Points 6 Hero Points 0
Complications Description
Justice!!! An overwhelming thirst for justice. Protect the innocent, and punish the guilty.
Relationship Paladin is at his core a mamma’s boy, and must always make room in his life for his mother.
Fame Paladin is a war hero (even if a minor one), and his identity is public knowledge.



Alias: Paladin
Name: Kyle Redman (public knowledge)
Occupation: Warehouse worker
Alignment: Principled

  • Paladin is of average build with blue eyes, brown hair, and a fair complexion.


  • Only child
  • 260lbs
  • 6 feet tall
  • 34 Years old
  • Disposition: A true Paladin
  • Born: Annex City, Merica
  • Born to a Labourer (Lower class) family. Father deceased.

During the Last Great War, Kyle Redman was a private in the military. He was the ideal soldier, following every just command, and being a role model for his fellow soldiers. One fateful day, Kyle’s squad was fighting a fierce battle against the enemy. At that time both the military, and the enemy detonated their secret weapons over the battlefield. The chaotic reactions created a devastating blast, and at it’s core, Substance X. Kyle survived, but his body absorbed all the Substance X embedding him with super powers. Kyle would go on to become one of several super heroes that would help win the Last Great War for the military. After the war was won, all the soldiers were sent home, and Kyle moved to Highburgh to become the super hero Paladin.

Additional Information:
Paladin will always look for a fair fight, and he will always play by the rules. While he can take a leadership role when needed, his inexperience is obvious. Kyle’s “secret” identity is commonly known, and as such he has had many girlfriends, but no significant relationships. Kyle frequently goes upstate to his mother’s house for Friday night casseroles. Many of his team mates (past and present feel Kyle would be living with his mother if she lived in Highburgh).


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