Hell's sheriff out to recapture escaped souls

Power Level 10
Power Points Abilities:0 Powers:0 Advantages:0 Skills:0 Defences:0
Strength 1 Agility 3 Fighting 2 Awareness 2
Stamina 5 Dexterity 6 Intellect 0 Presence 0

Initiative: 0

Offence Attack Range Damage Notes
“Dante” 16 100/200/400 ft. 4 Penetrating 4, Affects insubstantial, Crit 16-20
Unarmed 6 Close 4 Melee
Defences Rank
Dodge 6
Parry 5
Fortitude -
Toughness 5
Will 10
Advantages Description
Quick Draw Ready weapon as Free action
Tracking Can use Perception to track
Favored Foe (Escaped Souls) +2 on Deception, Intimidation, Insight, Perception
Skills Attribute Rank Check Bonus
Athletics Str 6 9
Close Combat (Fisticuffs) Fgt 6 8
Intimidation Pre 4 3
Investigation Int 10 10
Perception Awe 8 10
Persuasion Pre 4 8
Ranged Combat (Revolver) Dex 10 16
Stealth Agl 6 9
Descriptor Power Effects
Hell’s Lawman Immunity (All Fortitude), Immortality (8 hours) Limited: Damage to eyes, Darkvision, Hellpower Awareness, Feature (When reawakening, clothing and money is regenerated)
Supernatural Marksman Ricochet 2, Improved Critical (Revolver) 4
Revolver “Dante” Damage (Ranged) 4, Penetrating 4, Affects Insubstantial, Variable Descriptor (Hell’s Elements), Limited (must reload after 7 shots), Easily Removable
Spectral Horse Enhanced Speed 4, Requires Activation (Standard)
“Window Breaker” (Knife) Damage, Melee (Does damage to eyes)
Equipment Description Cost
Power Points 0 Hero Points 1
Complications Description
Lost Time Brimstone has been in hell for a couple of centuries, so a great deal of cultural nuances and references will go over his head. And while he has been back on Earth for a while, he is often unfamiliar with anything beyond domestic technology.
Damned if you Do. Damned if you Don’t The Devil has promised to release Brimstone’s soul when all the escaped souls have been recaptured, but the Devil will do whatever he can to make sure he doesn’t have to keep that promise. Often the Devil tempts Brimstone with situations that the Devil believes will make Brimstone unworthy of salvation in the eyes of God.
The Devil is in the Details The Devil seems to hinder Brimstone’s work almost as much as he helps it, divulging some information but withholding crucial facts or giving only cryptic clues to where Stone will find an escapee, apparently delighting in watching Brimstone become more irritable with his interference.
Damsels in Distress Since the murder of his wife, Brimstone has a soft spot for women who are suffering.
Where’d you get this? The money Brimstone carries and regenerates on his person every day is from the 1800’s. It is very valuable to some, especially those with an eye for collectables, and worthless to others. The money also makes him trackable by people, both innocent and malevolent, who may take an interest in such currency.



“I can shoot the eyes out of the damned at 100 yards. How’s that for accurate?” — John Brimstone.

In 1866, John Adam Stone was a sheriff in Maddison County, California whose wife, Mathilda, was raped. He tracked down and arrested the offender, Aaron Pinsky, who was, thanks to technicalities, cleared of the charges. Furious, Stone then murdered Pinsky by making it look like a suicide. Two months later, Stone was shot and killed in the line of duty and went to Hell for Pinsky death, not because of the murder, but the fact he took pleasure in it. Stone died the most decorated Sheriff in America up to that point in history.

115 years later, a breakout from Hell occurred, led by a 4000-year-old Canaanite priestess named Ashura Radaktu. The Devil explained to Stone that, over the centuries, a few souls have escaped (and presumably been returned) to Hell, but nothing of this magnitude, which includes 113 souls. Because the Devil is largely powerless on Earth, he makes a deal with Stone: Stone will be returned to Earth to track down these 113 escapees, and if he can return all of them to Hell (before one of them kills him), he will earn a second chance at life on Earth (and thus, possibly, Heaven). The Devil seems to hinder Stone’s work almost as much as he helps it, however, divulging some information but withholding crucial facts or giving only cryptic clues to where Stone will find an escapee, apparently delighting in watching him become more irritable with his interference. Now called “Brimstone” by heroes, villains, angles, and the damned, Stone wears the name and pictographs of the 113 souls as tattoos on his body. As each soul is sent back, their corresponding tattoo disappears in a burning fashion, causing Stone considerable pain. When the players encounter Stone, he has already sent 37 damned souls back to hell.

Both Stone and his quarry have superhuman powers related to the amount of time each individual had spent in Hell. Being deceased, immortal souls, both Stone and the escapees he chases do not display many of the same physical limitations and weaknesses as the living. Both Stone and various escapees are unharmed by traditionally fatal encounters with fire or falling from great heights. They have maximum human speed, strength, and senses. They do not require food, drink, or sleep. They do not bleed, nor do they have a heartbeat. They can see perfectly in the dark, and are immune to all kinds of mind control and charm spells, poison and drugs, and exhaustion. The souls cannot be killed, and injuries can only be inflicted to their eyes. As the Devil explained to Stone, the eyes are the “windows to the soul”. Of course, Stone has the same weakness, and if he fails in his mission then he will face eternity in Hell himself. Even with the relatively restricted ways in which a soul can be harmed, they can only feel pain if it is inflicted by another damned soul. Also Stone is not inherently evil, so while he shares all the immunities and damage resistance of the undead, he is not affected by holy water, holy/unholy symbols, or other religious paraphernalia, and he has no vulnerability to regular sunlight, silver bullets, or other specific undead-destroying methods. He cannot be turned by priests, nor raised or resurrected. Some escapees have preternatural powers. The Devil explained to Stone that the longer one spends in Hell, the more Hell becomes a part of them.

Each morning the souls – including Stone – wake up in the clothing they were wearing at their time of death. Any material items they had in their pockets when they died continuously regenerate each morning. In Stone’s case, this means he awakens to find his badge, his fully loaded revolver, and $136.27 – the amount of money he was carrying when he was murdered – on his person. Fortunately, for Stone, the devil has added a few items and touches of his own to Stone’s abilities and possessions to make him more formidable than your average human.

Will John Stone succeed and earn his second chance at salvation. Only time will tell.


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