Highburgh's Heroes

The Mad Inventor Recap

After breaking up a bank robbery by a gang with Halloween masks (with only slight collateral damage), Highburgh’s Heroes start to turn their attention to a string of robberies going on in the city. Managing to catch one in progress, the Heroes are surprised to find that the perpetrators are robots.

With evidence in hand they begin to investigate the origin of the robots. Taking parts to an expert at the college they learn a few things. First, the robots are constructed from a collection of haphazard parts, yet show a sublime genius to their design. Secondly, the majority of the parts come from the company Dynamic Design and Manufacturing. A visit to the HQ of the company in Highburgh gets the heroes a cold visit from a VP and the head of security. The men inform the heroes that they have been the target of thefts (not all of them reported) for quite some time. After turning over evidence, the heroes are promptly shown the door.

With the evidence, the heroes manage to establish a pattern to the robberies, and stake out probable targets. This leads to them catching another robbery in progress. This time, however, they are met with a small group of more hulking robots built for combat. A desperate fight ensues with the heroes managing to foil the robbery, but not any closer to discovering their origin.

While other heroes do their own investigation, Slider sits down for a vision. His vivid dream shows an unknown man stomping all over a miniature Highburgh, causing countless deaths and widespread destruction. Passing the description to Sentinel’s reporter friend, Rachel Dunmore, turns up that this man is Arthur Davidson, a former employee and senior researcher at Dynamic Design and Manufacturing. A quick visit to his house reveals that he is not there, but does reveal evidence pointing to a new location in the industrial district.

Checking out the location shows a hidden factory producing more robots, but guarded by a legion of them. When the heroes attempt to sneak in to shut down the factory, they are discovered. As Davidson rants about his mission of vengeance, he activates his ultimate weapon: a 100 ft tall robotic giant, with him piloting it. The monstrosity then heads off in the direction of the wealthy neighbourhood, The Hill, but the path takes it directly through downtown.


While Paladin and Slider heroically race to save innocent civilian lives, Sentinel and Sid climb to the top of the robot to look for a way to deactivate it. After fighting off some of its defense systems, they manage to find a hatch that leads them into the interior of the robot. Using his expertise in technology and weapons provided by Sentinel, Sid find a critical power junction inside the robot, plants explosives, and teleports away. As the robot starts to topple, Sentinel and Slider leap to safety, while Paladin clears the last of the civilians out of the robot’s path (including his mother).

After toppling the robot, the mad inventor Arthur Davidson is captured, and the Highburgh Heroes are acknowledged as their namesake by the crowd.


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