Highburgh's Heroes

The Adventures of Ms Fortune

The Scout Master

The Scout Master has a wide network of Scout Minions that operate throughout Champion City, Annex City, and Highbourgh. The goals of the Scout Master is to establish a criminal network that will “Be Prepared”.


Peter Goodman was a fitness trainer of Above Average Man, before a freak accident infused him with a mixture of protein powers, multivitamins, and chemical X. After which his psyche was twisted into the persona, Crosstrainer. Seeing Globogym as the source of his accident, and a plague on good hard working meat-heads everywhere, Crosstrainer is embarking on a personal crusade to destroy the evil corporation, and make everyone Crosstrained.
Boo Yeah!


A showman and psychic mastermind, Serenade has spent years infiltrating various theatre and opera shows to carry out his nefarious acts. Serenade uses his highly focused psychic powers to entrance crowds into high sense of euphoria and generosity. He then has the crowd leave his performances (minus their valuables) feeling they have just seen the greatest performance of their life. If it wasn’t for Sentinel, Serenade would have stolen Highbourgh’s wealthiest patrons most prised possessions during the inaugural performance of the Highbourgh Opera House.

Axis of Evil

A thunderstorm rages over Pinewood Penitentiary. On an isolated wing three shadowy figures stare at each outer, the Scout Master (whom has been operating his vast network of minions from Pinewood all along), Peter Goodman, the Crosstrainer, and Serenade, still cursing the bright red welt he received from Sentinal. “It would appear that Ms Fortune’s heroes have foiled us all, what ever should we do about them?”

A new shadowy figure walks down the hallway. “We are the Axis of Evil gentlemen, what do you think we are going to do?”

Thunder booms through the hallways of Pinewood Penitentiary as the storm rages outside.

To be continued…


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