Highburgh's Heroes

Pep Rally

Mastermind's Boredom Games

The local sports team, the Highburgh Highlanders, will be having an exhibition game with Champion city. A large crowd is filling the field of the Highburgh Multi-Plex enjoying the festivities. Suddenly the light lights go out, as emergency power switches on mask men can be seen carrying away the team mascot. As fans gasp at the sceptical the jumbo Tron springs to life revealing a blurred image of man speaking with a distorted voice.
After 10 minutes a toy helicopter flies in and drops a package off on the stage. Inside are wrist bands with a blank screen. Once put on they are difficult to remove but a screen appears with an arrow pointing towards the warehouse district.
The warehouse is labeled “the games room”. There is a locked door with some rules writing on it: , no jumping ducking or running, be respectful of other players, no cheating, and most of all (have fun is stroked out) and in marker it has been replaced with “prepare to die.”
The fist room is littered with junk, most of it looks like it would be from a vending machine (small toys and such) but there are also several damaged pieces from heavy equipment and vehicles. In the middle of the room there is large rectangle suspended from the ceiling with a small bullseye darting around it. There is a sign the says you need 50 points (outer ring is worth 5, middle ring is 15 and center is worth 50). After scoring a bullseye an elevator erupts from the center of the room.
Room 1:
The elevator descends into a large room, the lights flicker to life revealing a party has been setup. Large stuffed animals adorn the festivities.
Room 2:
A mostly empty room setup with speakers and a light show.
Room 3:
Two pedestals one with a golden key and guarded by a stone gargoyle. The other almost empty except for a small wooden stick. At the back of the room large reinforced doors with a golden lock.
Room 4:
Out of order sign hangs in this barren room
Room 5:
Stone pillars of varying height fill the room. There is a throne in the middle of the room with a monster with various familiar technologies is resting in it.
Mastermind’s Safe house:
This is an ordinary home in suburbia, where it is revealed that the designer of the games room. Also the players may find that Mastermind was manipulating the child. Mastermind is mildly amused with the event.
Turns out the Highburgh Highlanders mascot was not kidnapped. it was supposed to be part of the pep rally.


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